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What is Vietnam Visa Approval Letter?

As per the directives of the Vietnam Immigration department, the foreign nationals planning a tour to Vietnam should come up with Vietnam visa. It is applicable for both casual tourists and business travelers- whether they want to stay for one month or more. Vietnam visa carries the legitimate allowance of your stay in the country and the visa approval letter acts as the legal certificate on which your visa would be issued. Do you wish to know more about Vietnam visa approval letter? Well, the article here offers a short note on visa approval letter for tourists to Vietnam.

Yes, you can enter Vietnam later than the granted arrival date in visa approval letter on the condition that you exit by granted exit date. More specifically, you can stay in Vietnam at any time between the entry date and the exit date.

We would also like to let you know, if you want to stay in Vietnam longer than the duration between your arrival date and exit date for some reason (In other word, if you want to leave our country later than the exit date printed on your approval letter), you can extend your visa so that you can stay in Vietnam longer without getting any troubles. To know how to extend your visa, please contact us via our email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and we will give you detailed instructions.

Please be informed that a visa will be valid from the entry date to the exit date as printed on the visa approval letter. You can stay in Vietnam at any time between the entry date and the exit date. In other words, you can’t enter Vietnam before the entry date and you have to leave by the exit date.

Please be kindly informed that you will get your visa approval letter via email (in no more than 2 days) after you finished your visa application and made your payment:

Urgent service for Vietnam visa online: within less than 1 working day or even few hours.

Normal service for Vietnam visa online : within 2 working days.

Super urgent service or rush service for Vietnam visa online : just within less than 4 working hours.

Please have a look at Vietnam visa approval letter sample by visit our website home page >> Visa Fee menu then click on visa type to see sample of the approval letter for Vietnam visa.

It is very simple and doesn’t lose your time to fill in the Vietnam visa approval letter. Just complete these 6 following information:

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What is Vietnam Visa approval letter?

It is an official document issued by the Visa Vietnam Department. Having this letter in hand, you will be permitted to enter Vietnam, get your visa stamped at Vietnam international airports or Vietnam Embassies/ Consulates and then you can enter and exit Vietnam for a given period. In other words, the Vietnam Visa approval letter allows you to stay in Vietnam within the time cited on it.

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